The Player Scoreboard


MegaStar Financial Corp has a commitment to transparency, accountability and excellence in mortgage banking.  We are constantly innovating in collaboration with our loan officers to ensure we are providing you with a best-in-class mortgage experience.  Built with decades of experience supporting highly successful loan officers and their teams, here is a peek at one of our custom innovations we call “The Player Scoreboard.”

The Player Scoreboard is designed to support our loan officers achieving the highest standards of customer service, help them build their business and maintain MegaStar’s high standards of excellence.  With dozens of MegaStars, to include our system technology team, working behind the scenes, our originators rely on our central platform to stay informed, organized and on top of their playbook.

Climb to Excellence

Set and track Goals with real-time data.

The LO Scoreboard offers so much more.  Long after your loan is closed, our expertly crafted dashboard keeps your origination team in contact with you through changing market conditions.  MegaStar has a growing team of consistently successful loan officers because we help them build a relationship with our most important asset – you.